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Mastering Studio

Evolution Mastering - Equipment list

Monitoring Chain:

          - Klein & Hummel O300 monitor speakers
          - Benchmark DAC1 D/A audio converter
          - Sennheiser HD600 open-back headphones
          - Sennheiser HD280 closed-back headphones
          - Sennheiser HD25 closed-back headphones
          - Van Damme Cabling

Acoustic Treatment:

          - x2 GIK Acoustics Tri Trap
          - x4 GIK Acoustics 244 Bass Trap
          - x2 GIK Acoustics 244 Bass Trap (With Flexrange Technology)
          - x2 GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap

Analogue Chain:

          - RME ADI-2 AD/DA-converter
          - Custom G-Series Buss Compressor (Based on the Legendary SSL4000)

Digital Audio Workstation / Digital Chain:

          - Apple Mac Pro (2012)(3.2GHz Quad-Core 16GB Memory 1TB internal HD (x2) + 1TB extl HD)
          - Logic Pro X / WaveBurner
          - UAD 2 Duo (Manley® Massive Passive EQ Plug-In)
          - UAD 2 Duo (Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder Plug-In)
          - UAD 2 Duo (Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler Plug-In)
          - UAD 2 Duo (Pultec EQP-1A)
          - UAD 2 Duo (Pultec Pro EQ)
          - UAD 2 Duo (1176LE Classic Limiting Amplifier)
          - Voxengo Elephant


Each piece of Evolution's mastering studio has been added very carefully over a number of years giving the most versatile and highest quality mastering options for many different situations. Originally mastering ITB with the UAD this is still the preferred option for mastering situations that require very surgical applications. Moving to OTB mastering was originally going to take a bit longer however there's only so much acoustic treatment a mastering studio can have! Making the decision to add OTB processing has added a greater dynamic (pun not intended!) to what Evolution can offer clients.

Mastering Engineer

Jonathan Race

Jonathan has been mastering for producers, labels, bands now for a number of years. He has worked alongside skill levels from those who are already established acts to the guys who are fairly new on their musical journey's and is always happy to offer advice and help for those as well.

His musical background originated with playing piano / guitar through a variety of rock / metal bands. Over time, recording, engineering and production played their role in developing an ear for what sounds 'right' in a mix. Dance production and DJ'ing then offered the opportunity to not only spend more time developing new ways of improving these mixes but also offering the chance to monitor these in a much louder environment!

With many hours in the studio spent dedicated to not only producing and refining his own sound but also always looking for new ways to push what can be achieved through mastering the music of others. Although work is done on projects from other genres, his main specialty with Evolution Mastering is firmly rooted in dance music, this is an engineer that will stop at nothing on the pursuit of achieving sonic perfection, an ambition that extends from his own music through to the masters of every musician he works with.

Studio Photo's

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