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Evolution Mastering
Online Analogue / Digital Mastering Service

Welcome / About us

Evolution Mastering is an online analogue / digital mastering service providing the highest quality results across a wide range of styles with a fast turnaround time. This is achieved through the combination of a crystal-clear monitoring chain (Klein & Hummel O300's) & (Benchmark DAC1) inside an acoustically controlled environment (courtesy of GIK acoustics) With the highest attention to detail and processing. Online services are available to both labels & individuals with prices affordable to both.

Mastering your tracks with Evolution will give them the punch, clarity and perceived loudness needed to compete against other commercial music out there. Getting started is easy, have a browse through the information on the links across the top of the page, if you haven't worked with Evolution already we also offer the first master with a 50% off discount as well as a 1 minute preview absolutely free. When you're ready, click on the rates section to find out which mastering service would be most suitable for your music.

While you're here why not take a look around the clients section and have a look at some of the many artists who have worked with Evolution Mastering. The popular mixdown tutorial series is also available as a mixing resource to check out before you send your tracks through.

Online service


Online mastering service.
Online Analogue / Digital mastering providing high quality results with a fast turnaround.


Fast turnaround times.
Currently 1-2 working days p/t

News / Update

- 18/04/2014 : Prices have been brought up to reflect current work rate and the amount the studio has grown since they were originally calculated. Fortunately it hasn't risen by a great deal and both referral and first time offers are still in effect! Previous clients please make sure to check before making your purchases as I'll try to keep these the same as before.

- 06/03/2014 : New referral offer. If someone mentions your name as a referral when using Evolution Mastering after their first purchase you receive 25% off your next master, simple as that!

- 04/03/2014 : Had the Sennheiser HD600's a few days already now and already putting them through their paces! great bit of kit for referencing alongside the K&H O300's :)

- 26/02/2014 : Trying out a new live chat function on the page so if you're after a quick enquiry that's the way forward!

- 24/02/2014 : Sennheiser HD600's just purchased and on their way, can't wait to give them a blast!

- 05/01/2014 : Just to make it clear I am back in the country and working my way through the emails that have come through while I've been away. Further news more bass trapping is being built and will be installed soon, exciting times!

- 25/01/2014 : I am now currently out of the studio until the 2nd of Feb and as such cannot complete any work requests during this time. I will do my best to respond to emails until then and if you are happy to wait let me know and work will be completed in order it is received.

- 10/01/2014 : Photo's are finally up on the studio page showing the current setup here!

- 09/01/2014 : Just a quick note I (Jonathan) will be away from 24th Jan (Friday) till 2nd Feb (Sunday) although I will do my best to reply to emails I won't be able to do any work during this time so please be aware if you have any projects that are urgent running up to this period as if they aren't submitted well in advance I won't be able to get them returned until around the 3rd-5th (Feb)!

- 02/01/2014 : Happy new year from Evolution Mastering. Thankyou to everyone who has kept the studio busy this year and allowed it to grow, and look forward to seeing where 2014 leads us!

- 19/12/2013 : Another early Christmas present from UAD in the form of the LA3A. If you own a UAD system and haven't yet checked out their sale hurry on over!

- 09/12/2013 : After many hours of testing, moving the studio around and even more testing, the new 244's are in place and things are sounding tight!

- 04/12/2013 :& even more bass trapping on the way courtesy of GIK, can't wait to hear things with these in place!

- 29/11/2013 : In the spirit of upgrades the UAD Manley Massive Passive is now added to the arsenal! After much demo'ing and A/B'ing it was a no-brainer!

- 19/11/2013 : x2 more GIK 244 Bass traps added, the low end has never sounded so controlled here!

- 30/09/2013 : Evolution Mastering currently hunting around for analogue EQ models. What are some of your faves? Let us know!

- 03/09/2013 :Clients page updated with the new release from 'Step-A-Side' entitled 'War Paint' Check it out!

- 25/08/2013 : Main page updated!

- 20/08/2013 : Just want to say a massive thankyou to everyone Woking with Evolution Mastering atm, plenty of great music coming through and I'm sure more to come!

- 13/08/2013 : Clients page is updated with the latest edition to pass through the Evolution studio courtesy of Feonix!

- 19/07/2013 : The competition is now closed and winner notified, much love for everyone that entered and shared the page, until next time!

- 18/07/2013 : Last day to enter to be able to win either x2 free stereo masters or x1 free stem master through Evolution Mastering. All you need to do is like & share the facebook page:- here And share the competition post (found on the page itself) The winner will be picked tomorrow, Good luck!

- 12/07/2013 : *Competition!* Win either x2 free stereo masters or x1 free stem master through Evolution Mastering. All you need to do is like & share the facebook page:- here And share the competition post (found on the page itself) and the winner will be picked on Friday 19th of July, Good luck!

- 03/07/2013 : The clients section has been updated with a list of many of the musicians that Evolution Mastering has had the honour of working with!

- 15/05/2013 : The samples section has been updated again with a new before and after sample!

- 03/05/2013 : The samples have now been updated and now link directly to the soundcloud page. This is useful as it shows in the comments section at which point is the mastered and which is unmastered. The soundcloud page will be updated much more regularly from now on so keep your eye on it!

- 19/04/2013 : Hope you've all been busy over the spring months, we've certainly been kept on our toes! Just wanted to share a link to Pensados Place There is an abundance of mix knowledge here and if you're looking to brush up on your chops then it is worth checking out!

- 20/02/2013 : The winner of the competition has now been picked and notified, congratulations! Watch this space for future competitions...

- 12/02/2013 : *Competition!* Win either x2 free stereo masters or x1 free stem master through Evolution Mastering. All you need to do is like the facebook page:- here And share the competition post (found on the page itself) and the winner will be picked on Tuesday 19th of Feb, Good luck!

- 22/01/2013 : New offer added to the site. Free sample (around a minute of audio showing before and after) with 50% off the first track! Click here!

- 22/01/2013 : Realised the pics on here were looking a little old so now updated to reflect current setup!

- 17/10/2012 : It's been a while since the last update, been keeping busy! Just to clear things up, although we've stopped running the first free track for new customers we are running a 75% off first track instead. Reasons being that this helps to highlight genuine potential customers (which keeps waiting times down with reduced workload) and still gives new customers a chance to preview the services for very little cost.

- 21/05/2012 : Compressor up and running, Evolution is now an analogue / digital service! :)

- 02/05/2012 : New pics to be added shortly.

- 25/04/2012 : Just had the first look at the custom G-Series build and she is a beauty!, eta of around 2 weeks for completion!

- 09/04/2012 : New samples up in the client / sample section. These can also be found on the new soundcloud page here

- 26/03/2012 : PT 7 of the mix down tutorial series is now up. Work has also begun on a custom built SSL4000 series style Buss compressor :)

- 23/03/2012 : An RME ADI-2 is now up and running. The aim is to have the first piece of outboard within the next couple of months meaning we can finally offer analogue processing also!

- 12/03/2012 : New tutorial series links online.

- 06/03/2012 : Looking into outboard gear for the future, will be exciting when we can offer analogue mastering as well as digital!

- 04/03/2012 : New mastering plugin's that are scoring top marks from us for flexibility at the moment go to Brainworx.

- 02/03/2012 : More info added to Clients / samples page here.

- 28/02/2012 : Okay the clear winner is the ATR-120! details now online on the studio page here!

- 28/02/2012 : Judgement day is here! now need to pick between the Massive Passive (mastering version) and the ATR-120 for the UAD, watch this space...

- 27/02/2012 : UAD up and running and already have eye's on this little gem!

- 23/02/2012 : Couple more tweaks being made to acoustics atm, UAD is on the way with some very nice plugs to follow shortly.

- 19/02/2012 : Part 2 of the mixdown tutorial series now up! catch it here

- 15/02/2012 : UAD bought and on the way along with some new bass trapping :)

- 12/02/2012 : Samples section updated, more to come shortly, we now also have dedicated secure storage for delivery of mastered tracks and finally the first of the mix down tutorial section is up, found here

- 10/02/2012 : Clients / Samples updated.

- 08/02/2012 : Facebook info edited, minor changes to layout made.

- 06/02/2012 : Info on main page updated, news / content layout updated.

- 05/02/2012 : Main content updated, links fixed.

- 03/02/2012 : Website graphics changed, twitter and Facebook pages now online.

- 02/02/2012 : Website born!

Evolution Mastering - Online Analogue / Digital Mastering Service

Clients / Samples